AFA’s Mission


Our Mission: To utilize the strength of our Athletes and the power of the American sports system and media to help educate millions of Americans on how each one of us can become better prepared and trained for any type of natural, manmade or day to day emergency.


  • 1. Secure the support of select athletes, coaches and sports executives who will serve as honorary spokespersons on national and local emergency preparedness for ATHLETES FOR AMERICA.
  • 2. Secure the support of all sports stadium and arena Presidents and Managers to utilize their facilities electronic, print and in-building distribution channels to help support emergency preparedness awareness programs.
  • 3. Secure the support of all major league sports teams, collegiate and high school sports programs, sports tours and individual sports associations. Work with league commissioners, team owners and presidents, and school principles to approve promoting continuous emergency preparedness programs.
  • 4. Secure the support of sports fans nationwide and interest them in becoming part of the AFA national emergency preparedness network as well as “TEAMING-UP” with their favorite teams, athletes, and coaches in nationally organized emergency preparedness programs designed to educate Americans on emergency preparedness and response programs.
  • 5. Seek the support of all sports television, radio, and internet networks in promoting ATHLETES FOR AMERICA’s efforts to build America’s largest civilian emergency preparedness network.
  • 6. Seek the financial support of corporations who believe supporting a national initiative such as ATHLETES FOR AMERICA is a valuable investment and branding opportunity for them.

The Purpose of ATHLETES FOR AMERICA is to utilize and focus the power of athletes and the total American sports system to:

  • 1. Make the American public aware that there is much more each one of us can do to be better educated and prepared for all emergency situations, both natural and manmade, by providing all Americans with current and useful emergency preparedness information.
  • 2. Develop a nationwide network of concerned and involved citizens who wish to participate with ATHLETES FOR AMERICA and provide them with information on emergency preparedness and response programs as well as information on how they can become personally involved with their local fire, police and rescue service programs.
  • 3. Foster among the ATHLETES FOR AMERICA network a desire to help our country help itself by remaining vigilant and sensitive to the possibility of future disasters, including sports venues and large public gatherings.
  • 4. Foster a spirit of cooperation and understanding that will overcome the temporary inconvenience of undergoing increased security measures in sports venues and other public facilities.
  • 5. Mobilize support for ATHLETES FOR AMERICA in the form of corporate sponsorships, PSA media time, and other resources from major league sports team owners and management, sports organizations, arena and stadium management, and well known athletes.
  • 6. Connect every sports stadium and arena in America into a nationally recognized prevention program. Lead the effort to continue developing sports facility security strategies and procedures that will be adopted and implemented nationwide.
  • 7. Create programs designed to utilize stadiums and arenas as triage, volunteer, police, fire and rescue headquarters in the event of a major emergency.
  • 8. Become America’s largest civilian emergency preparedness network.

Our Goal: To become America’s largest Civilian Emergency Preparedness Network.

Now is the time to get off the sidelines and into the “REAL GAME”. This will require each and every athlete to make the most serious and difficult commitment any athlete will ever make. No matter the sacrifice, the safety of all Americans and our FREEDOM must come first.

LET us never forget September 11, 2001.
LET us never forget the brave men and women of that day.
LET us never forget the passengers of Flight 93 who on that day became the greatest Team of all!
LET us never forget athletes like Mr. Pat Tillman who gave his life protecting America so millions more could play on.
LET us never forget that FREEDOM is the most precious gift you can bestow on any human being.
LET us never forget that the price for FREEDOM is enormous.
LET us as a nation become pro-active rather than re-active.
LET us recognize that athletes are once again our role models and leaders and that they can show all Americans how to get involved in the process of protecting this great nation.

This is the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! It is time to step up and be counted. Welcome friends to “AMERICA’S TEAM”, ATHLETES FOR AMERICA! I hope you will join with us!

Thank you for visiting our site and becoming a part of our ATHLETES FOR AMERICA network.


Billy McGehee, Founder

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