What is AFA?


“Athletes Preparing for America’s Emergency Situations”

ATHLETES FOR AMERICA is a growing National and International Network of Athletes, sports teams and sports organizations that are committed to promoting and participating in emergency preparedness training programs (CPR, First Aid, AED, CERT) so that we as a Nation will be better prepared for any type of natural, manmade or day to day emergency.

ATHLETES FOR AMERICA was founded in late 2001 after the September 11 attacks by a former major league sports team President who realized that protecting our citizens and nation was no longer just our government™s responsibility but now would require the help and participation of all Americans. Who better to help get the message out, help motivate, educate and train Americans than our athletes? As leaders and role models, our athletes are the perfect individuals to help all Americans better understand the need for emergency preparedness programs!

By now every American has heard the words Homeland Security and emergency preparedness but few actually understand what this means, how it impacts our lives, how to contribute, how to prepare and most importantly, how to save a life! Even though we believe our federal agencies, military, state, local law enforcement and emergency officials are doing everything humanly possible to serve and protect us, in the end it will be up to each Citizen to become better educated, trained and prepared to handle both disaster and day to day emergency situations.

Our Network of athletes, coaches, teams and sports organizations in communities all across America will begin working with local Fire, Police, EMS and CERT officials learning how to be better prepared and trained while urging and motivating the local citizens to join with them to do the same. At the same time, every Citizen can Team-Up with our growing AFA Network simply by signing up on the AFA website. We will constantly provide new and vital emergency preparedness information via a monthly newsletter as well as links to new and important Homeland Security and emergency preparedness websites.

Our Motto; PROTECT * SERVE * EDUCATE * MAKE A DIFFERENCE will become important words for American athletes.

On behalf of every athlete, young and old, amateur and professional, junior star and super star, who believes that it will require each one of us to become more involved in our communities, more educated, trained and prepared for emergency situations, more aware of our surroundings and above all else, willing to make any sacrifice necessary to protect our Families, Friends and all Americans, AFA thanks you and welcomes you to Our Team, AMERICA’S TEAM, ATHLETES FOR AMERICA!

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