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August 2009

Mike Curran Becomes 1st USPTA Professional

Fort Myers, Florida; AFA Founder, Billy McGehee announced today that Mike Curran has become the 1st USPTA Teaching Professional to endorse the AFA National Emergency Preparedness Initiative.

“I have a vision for AFA. That vision is to train and network millions of Athletes into what will become the largest civilian emergency preparedness network in America. In order to accomplish this goal we must start by building a solid base, one athlete at a time, with professionals that understand the AFA mission and are commited to it’s success. Mike Curran is one of the finest tennis teaching and playing professionals in the entire USPTA organization. More importantly, Mike understands as a professional instructor that he also has an obligation to prepare himself and his staff to handle emergency situations. I am very proud to welcome him to the AFA Team and look forward to working with Mike on this very important program” said McGehee.

Mike Curran said “I am honored that Billy McGehee has asked me to be the 1st USPTA Professional to endorse the AFA initiative in this industry. Being the 1st also brings with it incredible responsibilty. I believe it is paramount that every USPTA Tennis Professional become certified in CPR, First Aid and AED usage. A few hours of emergency preparedness training might just save a persons life. More importantly, I think everyone who takes instruction from his or her professional or is simply a member of a club or facility would feel that much safer knowing that their professional(s) are also trained and certified in life saving techniques”.

Mike Curran is the Director of Tennis and Fitness at the Gulf Harbour Golf and Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida. He and his staff of teaching professionals over see a tennis and fitness program consisting of nearly 500 members. Mike Curran’s entire professional teaching staff are USPTA members and are also CPR, First Aid and AED certified.