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December 2005

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Fires, Blizzards, Terrorist

In the year 2005 the World has been ravaged by so many destructive forces that we as human beings almost felt helpless. An underwater earthquake created a monster tsunami that took the lives of over three hundred thousand people. Category three, four and five hurricanes slammed into the Texas, Gulf Coast and Florida regions, killing thousands and destroying entire cities and communities. Fires burned out of control in the west charring millions of acres of land and thousands of homes. Tornadoes hammered all parts of the United States, and blizzards are reaching south into the Carolinas. Terrorist struck again in Spain, England and the Far East killing innocent men, women and children and last by not least, we were faced with a new strain of flu, Bird Flu which emerged unexpectantly sending the newest fear factor throughout America. Where does it end? When will it end? Many scientist predict a continuation of the natural disasters that are ravaging our planet. Whether you believe in Global warming or not you had better get prepared. And as far as terrorism is concerned, if anyone believes that just because we are fighting the terrorist cells “over there” that another strike on American soil is not forthcoming, then you are sadly mistaken.

Their is, however, a solution to dealing with many of these horrible situations. It is not by sitting and waiting for the United States government to protect and save you. You and only you can begin to make a difference. One person at a time all Americans can become better educated on the many topics of emergency preparedness. Many of our government agencies websites provide critical information on dealing with emergency preparedness. If you visit the AFA navigation buttons on our home page you will find links to many of these fine sites. Visit them, write down important information and numbers. This information might one day help you save your own life or the life of another individual.

In 2006, AFA will begin a National stadium and arena tour distributing important emergency information to every fan. Athletes will provide public service announcements urging everyone to get better prepared. AFA will continue to urge everyone to visit with their local Fire, Police, EMS and Red Cross departments in an effort to become better educated on emergency preparedness and hopefully even volunteer to become a first responder.

Natural and/or Manmade disasters will continue to become more and more a part of our daily lives. It is now up to each and every American to begin preparing an emergency plan for their entire family. In 2006 we at AFA hope to help America achieve the goal of becoming better prepared for all types of emergency situations. Look for us in your city and remember BE PREPARED…NOT SCARED!