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July 2009

Washington’s Government Agencies Say “NO” To AFA Founder

AFA Founder Billy McGehee went to Washington, D.C. this past week hoping to convince program Directors at DHS/FEMA that ATHLETES FOR AMERICA’s National Emergency Preparedness Network, program and Tour would greatly benefit government agencies (that are spending billions of tax payer dollars) trying to educate, prepare and train Americans for emergency situations. He returned from Washington, D.C. after meeting with Director(s) from both CERT and Citizens Corps still unable to convince them that AFA was the right program to “Partner” with. He was in Washington, D.C. to outline the AFA National Emergency Preparedness program and it’s objectives. He was hoping to receive endorsements from these two government agencies. Instead he was told that AFA would “NOT” be endorsed by either agency.

“I left Washington, D.C. after meeting with Ms. Rachel Jackey (CERT) and Ms. Penny Burke (Citizens Corps) with a better understanding of what they and their agencies do as it relates to national emergency preparedness programs. I believe they also have a solid understanding of why I am so passionate about AFA and our Mission to Build America’s Largest Civilian Emergency Preparedness Network. Our Network will be made up of millions of Americans, all networked together, who are interested in “Teaming-Up” with their local Athletes to become better educated, prepared, and trained as first responders in their communities. In my view it is important for these government agencies to understand that we as citizens no longer want to sit on the sideline and wait for help. it is up to us to take control of our own safety by educating, and training ourselves so that in any emergency situation we can be prepared to help save ourselves or someone elses life. This will require all of us to work together as concerned citizens in communities all across America to create more emergency preparedness awareness, plans, educational and training programs. This is why I went to Washington, D.C. and that is what I explained to them. This is our Mission and this is what AFA is going to do.”

The AFA National Emergency Preparedness Tour will visit over 165 major sporting events, college campuses, and high schools over the next year promoting emergency preparedness awareness. The Tour will solicit professional athletes to become honorary spokespersons both nationally and in their local communities on emergency preparedness awareness and training programs. The Tour will also be promoting the AFA Emergency Preparedness Network. Our Network is FREE to sign up for and gives every citizen the opportunity to receive, via email, monthly emergency preparedness information, newsletter and safety / survival tips.

Let’s Build A Safer America!