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March 2005

ATHLETES FOR AMERICA – One Mans Mission to
Help Protect America!

Orlando, Florida: Today is the day AFA Founder, Billy McGehee has been working towards for more than three years. It is a long way from the morning of September 11, 2001 when he witnessed the horror of the terrorist attacks. On that day he began asking himself the question, what can I do to help America? Having spent his entire life in sports, he began thinking of ways he could use his knowledge and contacts to help protect America from future attacks. That is when he came up with the idea for ATHLETES FOR AMERICA.

AFA will utilize the strength of our athletes and the power of our sports system to promote homeland security information and emergency preparedness in communities all across America. It is a simple, easy, exciting and yes, patriotic way to get the message out.

That is why AFA Founder, Billy McGehee, believes his plan will work. “Americans love to watch and listen to their athletes. Every athlete, young and old, junior star and super star, mom and dads, boys and girls can participate and at the same time become better educated and better prepared. Having a national network of athletes and sports enthusiasts all linked together as one, dedicated to promoting homeland security and emergency preparedness, will certainly help us achieve our nation’s ultimate goal: To educate all Americans on how each one of us can help protect America and become better prepared for any emergency situation!”, said McGehee.

ATHLETES FOR AMERICA is the perfect opportunity for every athlete who wants to get off the sideline and into the REAL GAME. It is a chance to become part of the largest network of athletes in the world dedicated to protecting America! It is a chance to help protect our FREEDOM, our country. It is a chance to help protect those individuals who put their life on the line everyday to protect you! It is your chance to PROTECT * SERVE* EDUCATE * and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in America! Welcome to the real “America’s Team” ATHLETES FOR AMERICA!

It is a great day indeed!