Dear Fellow Americans

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Dear Fellow Americans,

Just days after the 2001 terrorist attacks I wrote down three words, “ATHLETES FOR AMERICA”. Athletes For America (AFA) was formed shortly thereafter as a 501(c)(3) and remains reputable and in good standing as we enter 2023.

Since our formation, and with the support of a national network of great friends, colleagues and respected organizations, AFA has evolved into a nationally recognized charity that has trained thousands of high school, college and professional athletes, all across America, on how to administer CPR and use an AED.

In 2020 we postponed all training and certification due to numerous negative impacts of Covid, but in 2023 AFA will restart charitable CPR and AED trainings. AFA will also become a recipient of much needed funding from Billy McGehee’s Wild WORLD OF PICKLEBALL Pickleball special events.

This week’s on field life-saving skills that were administered to Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills demonstrated just how important it is to EDUCATE and PREPARE!!!!!

Millions of Americans watched their heroes of the gridiron fall to their knees, most with an overwhelming sense of helplessness, as the stadium’s medical professionals swiftly administered CPR to their fallen brother. All Americans, all of us, remain in solidarity about protecting the safety and well being of all Americans. We join the NFL players, the coaches, the fans and the league’s ownership groups in hope and prayer for Damar’s recovery.

AFA will continue to EDUCATE, PREPARE and TRAIN all American Athletes at every level to understand sudden cardiac arrest and learn how to respond quickly. We will continue our efforts to teach athletes how to properly perform CPR and use an AED!

Preparation, education and training remain among the very best ways to alleviate feelings of helplessness, shock and despair. We will continue to empower athletes in all situations, including the most remote and isolated places to respond to emergencies with a semblance of confidence.

“If there was ever a time for Professional Athletes to demonstrate their love for fellow Americans it is now. Let’s save lives and educate ourselves and fellow Americans in the AFA program.”

Mike McBath
Former NFL Player – Buffalo Bills

Former President – NFL Retired Players